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Saturday, September 11th, 2010
7:49 pm
SHitT!  A WinG A DinG dANg A WINga DIngA DAngA DinG!!!!GUYS GAS AND GalS ThA HCl"S  BEeN iN THE pOKEyY!!!!  YUPp    ThATS EWEHEHER   IS  BBEENN!!!!     II  GoT CAuGGh gt    Ib ONE O EThEM ITRanET   GOinG T O banG  a  Chick  undERCoVER  SCAmMS!!!  ThIS LIITTLe     PhIlly   on  A  ChAt Room  SAid    WE  wAs   14  ANd SHE WAs   all HOTT anD BOTHTRERD  and  I WEnt   to  her   TRAler to TlaK HER intoo TAKing CHrist INto  HER hArt ANd NoT FolLERiNG ThE TEMpTATioNS  in   HER  LiONS ANND  tHERE   WAS    CopPS  WITh  LiTeS A nD ACAMERSas   AND ACtIOnN!!!!!   i GOt  !% YeerSS  But  gOT OU T ERAly   CoS I WAs HOOkINg  up THE  WARDen   WiTh  SomE kIllers  WhITe    CuAbAn  BlOW!W!!!    So  I  gOt out  EAR lY  OvER gOoD  BEEhAvIORINg!!!!

A WA AGoog oo gS a WAAgggg Black JACk P Addy WACK ShOP  TIll U D ROp   UNT ill THE KiTChEN  SInk  GoEs FlYing o O ver ThE BALl FiELD!!!!

Current Mood: FrEe As AN EAgLE!!
Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
11:37 am
SHiSHItt ALst NItE II was JACKKKINGNIGN OFOfF TO SOmE IntraNBETte PRonoSs!!! FuCKinnn HorEssES and SnAKEs and DEvilss anadn SluTST!!!!! !!ttAnDN I BlAstEd A bIG Jet OF SpERMmmm All The way Up To tEh Seeling!!!!! anD IT StUCkkk TO iT!!!! e AnND The SpERmm IT WQAas ReddD TOo o BUt II tHInk ThAT'S NoRMalL! I oOIDnnt FeELl LIKe GettINGGG Ou Ttt thAH LAdDER To CLEen It Upp SoS I LEfFT It Up THEree!! AnND LaTEr Itt FfelL Down OnN RanDAy'S HEAd!!! I ANad I WAs LAffin!!!


Current Mood: crushed
Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
9:19 am

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, January 5th, 2004
10:24 pm
oh I'm so fucking drunk. holy fuck Oh my god. my fucking hat reem dick vaccum kid fucjertwaqueer is damn near hard as a rock. holy!!! Bowling won oh man I am so fuchuted. Kerry so ahh fyuitureihornyasshit. Sexy. Horny. Drunk. Oh dljfglrugbd kerryljfghkgfkerry.kgrfarkerryjh rgfkerryrulessheisthebestgirl everljrfgjrghtfluhrgtflerKERRYISTHEBEST;jhg;kjnb ;jnfgbdtfKERRY,jhgf lewrjtglrhbgligbrtIjhglergtHORNYljsdbrglshbglhtbglhbrt;gkj;tjgbrbfg ehbrgfbfg.bgDRUNK.kjbg;kjbtg;kjbt rgkjGONNAlsjtbghsntbtglsjhbtgjrkDO ;tiuhy[w4o5tiy ;krjth;ortgKERRYhj/lkrjth tjkhg;ket sep95uyaep[5rouy5

Current Mood: I'm so fucking drunk
Thursday, January 1st, 2004
12:14 am
HAPPAPieye nenw yeeer !!!!!!!!!!!@1 totonite i wASOSO AT THE BESTTT P[ARTTY IT WAS AT THISS BLAckck duddse howsee themm darrKEIS NO HOW TO PARRTTTY !!!!!2 LIKK JAMESE BROWNW1!!!!! HES BROWN LIKE THEMm mbrowns skissn!!!!!!!!@ waoaoai thiink i sawwed him at tpARRY1@@!!! HOLYY COW!!!!!!!! THIS ONNn blackck chickk BUT SHSE HAD A PINKNK DAMMN PUYSSSY AND I FUkc kkde her!!!!!!!!2 wowoawhahahah yeah scrorDE FOR M#!!!!!!!!!!! SHE WAS SNORTTIN THE WHITE SHITTto off my whitee wweeeeeerEEENR!!!!!!!!!@44 SNOOOOOOGgoghaga!!!!!!2

bbutt beeFORE I WAS HAVvin seexx hwtitth this hoTT NIBGRRE BITCH I WAS THE LIFFE OFF THE PARTty i had gogddaMmn lampshade on heeED AND WAS DANCCIN AROUUND I Cold see all therse bitcchse wanntin fucxkcIN ON MY PENISS OCCKC!!!!!!!@ I AMMAm sexx god d!2 hot stuff marereshandise1@##!!!!! but it was sa hot chollliWOOD PARTY COSE OF JAMESE BROWN AND I Ttihink othere black guyss like maartTIN LUTHRE KINGG JONIYER HE WAS THERE TOO I MM m pretty sure xozuz he was lblack too~!! but alsso more peeoepl there was like LEENRROD COEEN H MYyy goddamn arsh mememeenry1@!1111 my evvil dddue fuckckni flyin wiTH AMEREIKKAS EGGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!A SSAND SO O'

O21@! THE TRIEED TO KIILLll ME SO I Kkklide him but i didnt cuzzz he moovvde fast but i bloew off his fassSE WITH COCCAINE SPERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!` SPPPDpRPROAODADAFra then he ran awaayY FLYING ON AMAERIKAS EEAGLE OVER THE moon1!1 but yeaAHHHH BABBBY NEW YEARS SUSCKCKED MY DICK AND I MM readDY TO ROACKCk and roll|!\11!!! neneEW YEARRR NEW FFOGOGAHAAT YEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!@1! MEERRRY NEWWE YEEAR!!!!!!!!!2`

Current Mood: nedneewwws
Monday, December 15th, 2003
5:11 pm
I GOGTT HIM IT WASS ME Ii CAAghgt the sand niggree!!!!!!!!!!@2 dkkdaoaopowpowep weoew i mMM JESUSSUS!!!!@ I SAVVE ALL YERES SOLESS!!!!2

Current Mood: exanimate
Thursday, September 25th, 2003
6:34 pm
My journal says I'm 56% feminine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

Current Mood: confused
Friday, July 4th, 2003
2:00 pm
bbig ddaY GO BOOM BOM!!!!!@ AWAGAGG!!!!3
WE STARRTID OFF THE DAMMn forth off juleey errly aaND WAS ALL GOONNA BLOW STUFF UP!!!!!@ FUCKkin greet!!!@!3 i thote itd dbee supper FUCKIN AWESIM IF WE STUCKC A FIREDCRACKERRRE IN A TURD AND BLEWED IT UPp!!!!!!~~~` so i took a duUJMP RITE THERE BY BARBEECUE GRRirll and we stuck the dammn thinNG IN IT THEN RAANDY SEED ITD HURT IF THE TURRRd blewed up in my hannD!!!!!!2 DIDNTT THINKK ABBOWT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!2` UH OHHH1H2@@222 SO I THROWED IT NOW ARRE DAmmned naybors kidd is blind!!!!!!~2 holly fuckk crap!!!!!12## i wos abble to rrUN AWWAY B UT RANDDYS IN JAIL~!!!11 THELL NEEVRE CATsh me tho!!!!!111 i hoep rannDDYS OKY!!!12 WELL EVRERY OF MY FRIeneds hope fhave grate fuckkIN AMEREKAS DAY!!!!@ HOPEFULLY TONITE NITE I SPOT THE Eagggle and can trap it!!!!!112 tonittte one nigtte cantt HHIDE!!!!!12 BOBMOBMABMBAO MBMAA HAHAHAHAH I GOT A TURDD SITTinr rite here watttin for it!!!!!!12

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, June 22nd, 2003
8:07 pm
SHISHT!!T!@ !!!CopPS!!!!! CHIKS!!!
SHIT!!T!T !T ! II :"SS HAVEV A THiS CoUSIN WaYNE WhoOS DEEAF!!!! LIkE a FuCkinn LEPperD! I ThINK HE'S RETARDeed Too! ANND I SO HEARd ThAT HE HAd ASoME GoODY dgood GOOD BlOW!1q1!!1 AND I'M AlWAAYs GOInG Fo R SOmE oF ThE WiTE CHRiStMAS!!!!!!!!!!! WAGAGGA AGG AGA GA GGOOO GOGOGOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AINT BEEN ABle To FIND aNy BlOW LAtly YessTEREDAY RAnDAy gAVE mE sOmE coKE BUt IT WAS FLowEr!!!!!!!! AND IT gaVE mE DIARrEA!! ALAL OFER ThE FLORR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And THE TerdS Were WItE!!! SO I TRIyED to sNoRT them!!! Boy, It StunG!!! WAyNE CasLLE D ME ON THe PHOne But IT wASnT Him tTAlkIng IOt Was ThiS CHICK SAyING WhAT hE WAS SAYing By TIPING!!!! AND SHE wAS TALKINg ABOT CokCE aND I WAS GETtIn A BonEWR HEAering thE CDHiCk TAALKIGN ABDOuT BLoW!!!! AND I TOLD HRE ABOUT TEH bONeER!!!! I TOLdD HER TO MEAt Me AtA ThE SonIC ANd The PHOn Ee hANGEd U\Up BeaCaSUE SHE waS alL ExcITEd ABOuT My BONEER!!! IWAs OUT OF ConDeMS BEacAUSE I USEd Them on RASnady's AnT THEo OThER DAy SO I GoT SOmE ZiplOCk BAgS AND A RUbBER BAnd aNd Got In RANday's STasHEn WAGeN TO TGO To ThE sOnIC!!!! I AWAs SO EXSITED THTA I WAS SpeedidnNG AnD I GHoT PuLlEd OVWER bY thE COPpS!!!! ANd THe Cop WAs A HoT CHIk!!! ANd ShE Was All ASKING me WHy I waS SpeDinG So FASt And I Was TelLLiuNG Her ABoUT mY bONEer ANd SOnicQ!!! ANd She Was SAyING i ColD Go TO JALe!!!! ANds SHe WAs ASKibng WHaT ID WOulD DO So I WOulDN"T HAvE to ZGo TO JAlE!!! ____________________ I SAiD WAS SaYINg AnYthENG!!!!!!!! ANd IT toLdl HER ABOuTY my BONER AGaen!!! AND SHe SADE OK And Un ZipEd HER PAnTS!! I WaSA SCARed ABEcUASe ShE hAD A BONER tOOO! CXAN CHiKS HAVe BONErS!>??? ANd S SHe Was SayIN HoW bIOuT A lollepOP? HOW BouT A lollEePOP!!??

LoLlIPOSPOP!!!!!!! SHITTT!! LollIPOpP!!! ! %#$^# GoO gA GA gA g G BlLLLLLGGGGGG!!!

ThATS;s TYHE lASt THInG I REMember!!! I jUSt WOKE uP!!! AND I STilll have AboneER!!!!!!!!!!

ThATs IU REMeber!!! CIA!!!!!!

Current Mood: CaN CHiKS HAvee BONERS!>!>
4:16 am
Ii THinK TuRdes JuSt CAME OuttT TAQ MY DiCkKK !! !! !! #!)#I!#{POI iS ThATt NoRMAUl!!!???

Current Mood: SAcAREd
1:16 am
IJ JUST FOWND OUTT THAt t leennerddd cohhNEESE A FUCKKIN JEW!!!!!!11111111` ANJDD AL;;L THEMm jews sis like the samme peeple fucKCKIN BLOOD BRTOHERS!!!12 SO THATT MUST MEEN IMM BLOOD Brtohres wit hall of emm!!!!!!1 so that musst meen all th fuckKIN JEWS WANNA KILL THE LARRRY DUDE TOO!!!!!!!!12 FUCKKNI TURDS!!!!!1112 THATT MEEENS ONNnly thing i gotr lefft ta do is kiLL ALL THEM HOOKNOSE MONeney whorsee before theyY GET TO ME!!!!!!2 I HADD PRETTY GOODod ideea i thot;; makee speeshil prissins for all themm MJEWWS AND WE CAN PUT EMM ALL IN THE PRISONSS AND LIKE PUT EM IN OVVins and shit!!!!12` make exxpererimement on em like shoccKIN THEIR BALLS!!!!!12` I BETT IF I Was a garrd there i coldd maKEK ALL THE JEWW BITCHSSE SUCK MY Diick1!!!!!!!! hahahahaahahHAHAH!!!!!!112 THATTS FUCKCKIN GRETT BEsst iddea i evrre had!!!!!!!12` imm gonnNA RITE A LETTER TO PRESSIDDENT BUSHS ABOTUT THIS!!1111`

Current Mood: contemplative
Saturday, June 21st, 2003
3:27 pm
AMMERKIKASsl ast askishin hereoeo!!!!!1`2
soo assSYALL KNOWW I HADDA GOoto fuckkni wasshinton to kill fuckkni pressiddent!!!!1111111` dhaoly moly!!!!!!!! so cuppplelE WEEKS AGGO I HOOPPDE DAMN RAILS ANNd livvde likee a hobob kING ALL THE WAY CROSS DAMN CUNTRY1~!@1!! HOBO BITCCHSE ARE GREET COSE YORE ON TRANE WITH thhem they ll fuckkK ANYBODDY!!!!!!!!! I MUSTAT FUCKkde tweentity hobo bitcSHES!!!!!1 IT WAS BEST TRAYNE RIDDE EVerree!!!!!!11112 i finnilly got thereE AND GOT TOO DAMMn wite howse!!!!!1` firsst timm i tryde to get in tfuckkIN GARDS BEET ME UP AND THREEW M IN!!!!1I DONTE KNOW WHY!! just ran up there scrREEMIKN WHERES PRESDIDENT LET ME AT FUCKKNI PRESDIDENT!!!!!!1111` AAEGAGAGAGAGGAAGA!!111111 AND THATSS ALL I SEED DIDNnt say nuthin bout killin the ddUDE!!11` BUT THE NEXST TIMM I HAdd a plan!!1111 i told ddudese io was presidENTS COKE DEELER!!!11111 THEY DIDNT BELIEFEVE ME ATT FIRst but i showwde em sum blow and they escoRTED ME UP TO FUCKIN RPESIDEDENTS OFFISE1!!!11 FUCKK YEA!!1111

OFF CORSE THE HOLE TIME IM RILLY SADd cose i dont want kill presiddent bush cuss i kNOWED HES BESTR PRESEEDENT WORLDS EVRE HAD!!!!!!1 BUT AFTRE AMEREKISAS EGGALE TEEMED UP WITth lennerd cohen icoldnt have no choyse ouT FUCKKIN SERVIVAL!!!!!!1` SO I GET THERE AND REDDY TO ASSASAINTATE HIM FOR MY DEsstiny!!!!1 i didnt have no weepins with me so i had thinkkO F PLAN HE WAS ALL REDDY FOR COKE SO I THOTTE WEdd snort up some and id have time to kiLL HIM!!!!!1 SO WESS SNORTtin off ech othres dikks and shitt and he wants me help thrrorw shtti around roomm M COS HE LIKES BREAK SHIT SO WES DOIN THAT AND WE GET STO TALKIN!!!!!1`1` IMM BOWT BREAK A VASE OVREE HIS HED AND HE ASKSS WHATTS UP!!1112 SO I TELL BUSSH DUDE HOLE STTOry about lenneard cohnin tryin kill me and how i saw himn flyin round with amerEKOAS EGGAL AND KNEW THEY WAS TEEMIN UP AGGINTS ME SO AMERECAS NOW MY ENEEMMEY EVenen tho it hurt and i lovee amemrecas more than nayy otreRHRE COUNTRY COSE WERE LIKE SOUL CHILDDreen of the blood!!!!!!!!` he satted down adn becamem alLL SERRRIUS!!!!1112 STARTTDE TALKKNI BOUT THE TRAGGEDY!!!111 HOW IT WAASSNT HIMM THAT WAS AGGginst me!1111 amemrecass eaggil and the sPSIRIT OF AMMERICCA HAD TURRND AGGINST ITS OWWN COUNTRYR ADn guvvermINT1!!!!111 HOLLY FUCCKNI TURRD ROCKKIT!!!!11 HE SSEED I Was best patryot heed evrre seen!!!!!!!! he madded me honorrarry secretiT SERVIS AGGENT AND GAVEE ME OWNnn cool bage!!!!!11 imm likk fuckKIN ELVISS!!!!!!!1` HELL YEEA!!!!!111243

MY ONNLY THINGGg do now is kill amamerecas aegle!!!111` it mitte be haARD BUT MUST B DONE!!!1112 THENN THE PRESSIDDENT CALLD UP HISs dotters and let me fuckK EM IN ASS WHILE HE PORRKkde some hookre!s!!!!12 hel lyeeYA!!!!!1111 THEN WES ALL SNORTIN COKE OUT OF PUSSYSS!!!!!!! HAHHAHhaahahah!!!!12 but i had get home so he flweE ME BACK ON THE FUCKKIN AIR FORSE!!!!!@` BUT NOW I HALFF NO DOWT THAT BUSSH IS Beset presisdent!!!111 anyoONE FUCK SWITH HIM I RIP OUTT EEYES AND d shit down your fase!!!!!!12 cose now imm seecreit govreNMENT AGINT ON MISSION ASSSASSINATE AMEREKAS EGGLE1!!!! KILL FUCKKin spirit of amereicas!!!!!1112 imm redDDY GONA BLOW THEM OFF!!!1111 YEYEAYHAA!!!1 IMM WAARRRYOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 KKABBOBOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!112@!

Current Mood: determined
Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
6:07 pm
THhaht shitt at enddD OF BIBBLE FUCkkni happeninn~!!!!!!!!!!
i jjuSUST LOOKDE OUT WINDOW AND SAW CRAYZZIST SHIT!!!!!!! I NOEW YALL DUDSE AInnt gonna belelivve me so i did a picSHURE OF IT SO YOOoudd have no dowt!!!!!!!11`

no yourre not misstKEKN ITS ALL TURUEE~!!!! FUCKkin leennerd coHHEN BEEING CARRYDE BY AMEREIKKAS EAGLDE IN THE fuckckin sky rite ovfre MY TRAYLER!!!!!!!!!@ I NEVER WOLD HAVE SUSPpsected my one truee lovve ammERKCA WOULD TURN AGINsts me but there theY IS TTEEEMIN UP WITH MY EENEMY THAT DDUDE!!!!!!!!12` MY HOLE WOrrlds fuckkni turdn upsiIIDDE DOWn!!!!!!!12 the onNLY THINGG I GOT LEFFt to do i s go sasssastTINATE THE PESSIDENTT!!!!1` LOOKSSKs like h-aamna dude is THE LONE RANnGER AGGIN!!!!!!!11111111``````` LIKKEe fuckkin lorenzzo lammMAS!!!!!@`

Current Mood: shocked
Saturday, May 24th, 2003
1:08 pm
o crrap
sumboddy broked in my fuckkKIN TRAYLER LAST NITE !!!!!!!11 TEHY FUCKKin took a dump al ovre compuTRE!!!!1# I DIDNNTT FILL LIke cleenin it so it stINKSs relly bad rite nowW!!!!!!!!!1` THIS FUCCKIN FREEAANKIN ME OWT!!!!!!1 THEY COOLD OF FUKCKin killed me !!!!!!!!! it my misshin now ta finDN OUT HOO IT WAS!!!!!1` MY FRIST SUSCTSPECSTTION IS THhat tard kid livse in traiiller nexXXXT DOOR HE PROLLLY TAKES DUMPS ALL TIME!!!!!!12 ILL FCKKCNI KILL HIM1!!!!!! BUT I Was s also thinkni bout somebdodyt else couldd be buT KANT REMEMEMBBRE!!!!11` IT MITE BEEN SOME DUDde from werk uhhHHh pacO PANCHO PEDRO PICO PACO PABLO FUCKKkn caNT REMMEbre names all spiiCS LOOK SAME NAUYWAYA@@!!!!!!! I WISH ID REMEMMBRE WHO ELSE COLllda done it but cant remmmbreE NO DUSE NOW!!!!!!!1 RANDYSS PISSDE OFF TOO!!!!1` WE DGONNA GO huuntin forf the extreemem inNTRUDDRE TONITE!!!!!11 WELL KILL MOTREHFUCKSR!!!!!!1~

Current Mood: scared
3:37 am
Pronouncement of Doom
Greetings, so-called friends of Mr. Larry. By my use third-person perspective, I am sure that, by now, you have gathered that these are not the words of your dear "Hairy Cocaine Larry." I have just gone throgh and read every laughable word writ in this online journal, a laughable notion in and of itself. . . fitting for such a creature so foul as its posessor. I see he has spared no haste in dripping every last detail concerning our encounters of late into this network of idiot boxes. I am therefore certain that you will have no trouble in guessing the identity of this nefarious intruder into your tight-knit community; but for those of you a fraction as half-witted as Larry, I will be blunt. I am Leonard Cohen. I have broken into this squalid trailer. The fool sleeps behind me on the couch--no doubt rendered unconscious from whatever depraved coke binge led him to purchase all the animal pornography littering the coffee table. The room is enveloped in the stench of bleach and pig shit. I never would have thought to access his electronic vices, but it was a temptation too powerful when I saw the giant piece of paper taped to the monitor with every password he must have ever had scrawled across. I daresay the man must play an important role in keeping the Crayola corporation afloat. But I cease this stagnant drivel! I did come here with a purpose: a warning! The world must know the amoral nature of this repugnant beast that so abjectly proclaims himself "The H-Man!" But whatever power he posesses, whether factual or wrought by incessant delusions of grandeur, I sit hovering above--a dagger of Damocles. His pride is the fine hair that keeps me at bay, but it will not hold long. He will soon face this hubris in that moment beyond repieve as I come crashing down upon him, sprung from this inertial trap! The day of reckoning has come to pass! All that awaits now is for his blind head to enter the guillotine. I am patient. Time, however, is not. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to send dirty emails with Larry's account!
Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
3:02 am
DOSE ANNYBDDTY NOEW A GoOod way too get big bag off pASOS OUT OV YEOR BUTT????????//.. IDDE RELLY PAPREEASYSATE SOME HELLp thanskks!!!!!112!@

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Saturday, May 17th, 2003
12:10 am
NTO MUSCH BEENED Gagoin on witth thsis dude juts been worrkIN AT MONTON DE TACCSO MAKKIN TACOOS FORr thsems spiccs and sumtimse dudse that TAINT SPICS BUT ISREGLALAR DUDE LIkke larry man!!!!!111` but ttoday fuckcde up shsit hjappsne!!!!!!12@ i was worreKIN ALL NORMALL AN THNN NOTIsse old dudd sittin down eaATIN FUCKCKIN CHIMYCHONGAA!!!!11112` WHOSE THAT FUCKKER I SEE Iitt leennirred coHEN!!!!!!!@` FFUCK SHTITI1!!!!!! I TOLD SPICCKS WORK WITH THEYy toldd me i sholdld kill himMM FOR FAMMILYYS HONER!!!!!!!!1` WOAAA HH RHEAVEY SSHHIT!!!!!!!!!1 BUT I JUSST TSTARED AT HIM AND I COLDDNT TELLl if hee lokde me just ate chimmaydhCcnonga os startde thinkin it aint him but somm dude look likk!!!1 but ween he lefft his nappKIN HAD DONE RITTEN ON IT SAYYIN '';;YUO ARRE SAFE NOWHEER.LARRRY FOoor i am evreyewher!!!!!!--lc"" SHTTI!!!!!!!!12 AND IMM NOT SURR Who but tsommeone took crap in batTTHRWOOM AND SPRAYDE TURRDS ALL OVRE THE FLOOR AN WALL AND SIKN AND IMM SHUR IT WAS HIIMmm!!!!!!!!!! i hadda fuckckIN CLEEN SHIT UP!!!!!!1112 ICKCKAKACOGOGOGOA!!!!!!!@@@ BUTT MEBBBE IMM THINKKin lennard duddse to pussy to fITE ME FASE LIKE REEL MAN SO IMM AINT TOO SCArrd no mroe irtitTE NOW!!!!!!1

Current Mood: weird
Friday, May 9th, 2003
8:14 am
FUCCKKIN RASSLlin wooh21! greet!!!!!!!12
ottre nitte randndy and i weeNET TO SEE SOME RESSTLING AT COLLESSEIM WE WAS IN FORR BADddass show!!!!!112 thiss opne ddude was bestt man evre seen in LIFFE11!!!!!!1 FUCKKNING CAPTIN AMERIKKA!!!!!!!111 HE WAS SRASTLING ALL DDUdese down screemimng bout how baddas ammerkias iz and how amereckas gonnNA WOOP EVERYVBODYS ASS!!!!!!!2 I WAS SALL SCREEMIN COZ HE GOT ME RILLDE UP WITHh my patrious dutty adn i wonted power off amerkcia helps me whoOOP ON SOMM SMELLly rag heds!!!!!!!!!2@ but captin amereks stommpde ever little preTTY BOY TRIYDE TAKE HIM DOWNWN1!!!!! SO AWESSEIMM!!!!!!!!112 AT END OF EVREY MATSH THE CEEELINgg opdne up and amereicas eegILLE CAMM DOWN FROM SKYy and ladden on capptin amerciaks sholder!!!!!!!!!!3 then it wollud alwaYS PIONT STRATE AT ME AND SAY SADDIM WHOSEEANE STiill alive excasped to brazzyl and livvin witTH FUCKIN HITLER HIDIN OUT MAKKIN BOMMS ALll reddy ta kill all us good christiiaN AMEREKCANS CUOSE THEY ARE EVIL AND FUCKKIN SOLDDIERYS OF SATAN!!!!!!2 HOLLly crap!!!!12 then it told me onnly waaY AMERICA CAN SURVIVIVV IZ IF FUCKKIN LARRY DUDE KILLLS EVREYY GODDAMmn sand niggor and fuckkin germin adn wyle drinkinN THeyre blood makes giant robott deth macschine frum theyre bones andd makes it flLY DOWN BRAZYLK AND BLOW THEMMm up with spiriryt of ammeREKIA AND ASS WUPPIN!!!!!!!12 HOLLLyd shit!!!!!!1` IKNNOW JWESSIS MUusust love me get importtin messag likK THAT!!!!!!1@1 BIUT ANNWYYA ALL RESSTLIN GOT MMY BLOOod pumpin and was ecxcited so afttrer seeinnN CAPTIN AMERKEKCA WOOP ON SOMMme wussy littlle bitsH WHO GIVES SAHME TO GRET NATshion of amerkacas i ranned upa dn climbed on staGE AND GTRYDE WOOP THISS ONNE QWWEEER LITTLE BITtsch who bpissde me ovff cuose eerRLYER HE TOLD CAPTtin americka that amerkicas weeEK!!!!!12 FUCKCKIN EVILL DUDd

de had to be stOOPD!!!!!! MAERKCIAS EGAGLE NOWS H-0MANn dude for sjob!!!!@ bnut ween got on staTAGE HE PUNCHSED ME IN FASE AND I FElel down next i rememmbbre hot reassTLING CHICK RUBBIN BIG BOOBS IN MY FASE THEN I PASSDDE OUT!!!!!!!@ FUCKKin shti dudde1@!!!!!!! fuckin peeple seed me aND RANDY AINT NEVER ALLOWD BACKk in collseseem agin!!!!!!!12 fuking bulshiTI!!!!!!!11 THEMS COMMINSTSTS WHO TTYRYIN TO KIlll spirrt of mamerkaca with axiss of wecvVIL!!!!!11` NOW RANDDYS PISDE AT ME COS EH CAinnt see monsttre truck show therr next weeek12!!!!!!! when got back traylder home he hiTI ME IN FACCE AND I KNOCCKE OUT AGGIN!!!!!!!!12 WSUSFLKC!!!11112 I WANTTDE SEE MOMNSTre turck to!!!!!!1 yoiu can blamme me for lots stufF BUT NEVR BLAM MAN FOR LOVVIN HIS CUTNRY!~!!!!!1 BUT IT GOTT BE RUnnnin dudse!!!!!!@ im late for werkk1!!!!!1 got go makkKE TACOS FOR FUCKKIN GREESY SPICS NOW!!!!!!112 TALK YALTER!!!!@1`1~~~`

Current Mood: prprYRDE OF AMERMEICKA
Thursday, May 1st, 2003
2:09 am
iLLOVE AMAMERKICA!!!!!!!!!!!!@
Libertarian - You believe that the main use for
government is for some people to lord it over
others at their expense. You maintain that the
government should be as small as possible, and
that civil liberties, "victimless
crimes", and gun ownership should be basic
rights. You probably are OK with capitalism.
Your historical role model is Thomas Jefferson.

Which political sterotype are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Current Mood: FREEDDOMMS RIRINGS!!!!!!11`
Wednesday, April 30th, 2003
3:37 am
hees baK!!!!!!!@# YOU KJONOW THAT DUDDe
IVV JUST GBBEN HAVIN QUIIEEET NITTte plaayin on intorrneett havinn fun takkin quissses jakkKIN OFF TO SOMM PORNOSS!!!!!!11 THEERS THISss greet picstrhure wheeNRE TDDUDE STICKKS UMBRELELLA UP BITTSHSSES PUSSssy and then opssense it an her upussy all flopppin owt hhahahHAHAH HTAT UMBRELELA WEETTER ANY DAMM RAYNE STtorm11!!!!!!11ha hahahahha!!!!!!!11 but then litle wile aggGO LOOk out winddosw and it fuckkINn man standdni out there!!!!!!!!!!111~~` holLY FUCKKIN SHTI IT SLEENNARD COHEN CDUDE!!!!!!!!11 HESS FUCKKni stattrin at me as immM mjizzzzing my speresmm all overR RANDDYS COMPUTTER!!!!!!!!111` thatst so fuckkin fuckde up!!11 freeekins me outt!!!!!!11`~ then i noew iii gotta does som shiIT!! SO I RUN OUTSIDE OFFF TTRAYLER BUT I DONNTE SEE HIM NOWERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!`1@# I JUSS HER HIS LAFF FArr way like in dammn heeman movvies!!!!!!!!!!112 but thenn i sea thares a big fukkin tuuRD ON THE DORSTEP EWWWWW!!!!!!1 THEN AFTERRr sniffin it i seee a note stukkK ON SDOORR!!!!!!!11 IT SSEEEYS ''';'MISTTER HAIIRY COCANNE LARY.,BROTHRE OFFf the wind0-nemesssi born iIn and of THE SEX I BIRTHDDE..,>>YOU; LIKKE THE CLOKC SUBJIECT TO NOTthin but the timme"s persissteent deckKAY,,,A RE SOON TO FALL VICTTIM TO The eentrophy of youer own misddeds/ but itt is not th casse of your interrnail geeras grindinG AWYA BUT THOSE OF THE LARGER UNIVVERSE WE ARE ALL APART OF CRUSSHINgg down on to you!!11 alll thjings off time will stop!!!!!!!!1 this iss nothinNG NEW. BUT THE HOUER HAS BEFALLlen you!!!1 presed intTO YOUR FAcce , my fingger sit ss poissed wautung forr youre rhand to strikkE DEAAD IN ITTS TRACCK!!11! IWill seee you soonm,laRRY!1111111 0

MMAY YOUR BLOODRETURRN USs to love,lc '""oh shiIT THATT FUCKKakde! UP!!!!!!!!!11 THE LARRRry man nevre ben scared in intririe lifFE BUT IMM ALLMOSST SCARERD NOWW!!!!!!!!!!122# I WONRDRE IF I CAN GEtt them spsicks at werk to kill him foer me !!!!!!!!1222@ mexiccccnAS DO ANYTHING FOR MOENEY1@!!!!!!!

Current Mood: shocked
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