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FUCCKKIN RASSLlin wooh21! greet!!!!!!!12

ottre nitte randndy and i weeNET TO SEE SOME RESSTLING AT COLLESSEIM WE WAS IN FORR BADddass show!!!!!112 thiss opne ddude was bestt man evre seen in LIFFE11!!!!!!1 FUCKKNING CAPTIN AMERIKKA!!!!!!!111 HE WAS SRASTLING ALL DDUdese down screemimng bout how baddas ammerkias iz and how amereckas gonnNA WOOP EVERYVBODYS ASS!!!!!!!2 I WAS SALL SCREEMIN COZ HE GOT ME RILLDE UP WITHh my patrious dutty adn i wonted power off amerkcia helps me whoOOP ON SOMM SMELLly rag heds!!!!!!!!!2@ but captin amereks stommpde ever little preTTY BOY TRIYDE TAKE HIM DOWNWN1!!!!! SO AWESSEIMM!!!!!!!!112 AT END OF EVREY MATSH THE CEEELINgg opdne up and amereicas eegILLE CAMM DOWN FROM SKYy and ladden on capptin amerciaks sholder!!!!!!!!!!3 then it wollud alwaYS PIONT STRATE AT ME AND SAY SADDIM WHOSEEANE STiill alive excasped to brazzyl and livvin witTH FUCKIN HITLER HIDIN OUT MAKKIN BOMMS ALll reddy ta kill all us good christiiaN AMEREKCANS CUOSE THEY ARE EVIL AND FUCKKIN SOLDDIERYS OF SATAN!!!!!!2 HOLLly crap!!!!12 then it told me onnly waaY AMERICA CAN SURVIVIVV IZ IF FUCKKIN LARRY DUDE KILLLS EVREYY GODDAMmn sand niggor and fuckkin germin adn wyle drinkinN THeyre blood makes giant robott deth macschine frum theyre bones andd makes it flLY DOWN BRAZYLK AND BLOW THEMMm up with spiriryt of ammeREKIA AND ASS WUPPIN!!!!!!!12 HOLLLyd shit!!!!!!1` IKNNOW JWESSIS MUusust love me get importtin messag likK THAT!!!!!!1@1 BIUT ANNWYYA ALL RESSTLIN GOT MMY BLOOod pumpin and was ecxcited so afttrer seeinnN CAPTIN AMERKEKCA WOOP ON SOMMme wussy littlle bitsH WHO GIVES SAHME TO GRET NATshion of amerkacas i ranned upa dn climbed on staGE AND GTRYDE WOOP THISS ONNE QWWEEER LITTLE BITtsch who bpissde me ovff cuose eerRLYER HE TOLD CAPTtin americka that amerkicas weeEK!!!!!12 FUCKCKIN EVILL DUDd

de had to be stOOPD!!!!!! MAERKCIAS EGAGLE NOWS H-0MANn dude for sjob!!!!@ bnut ween got on staTAGE HE PUNCHSED ME IN FASE AND I FElel down next i rememmbbre hot reassTLING CHICK RUBBIN BIG BOOBS IN MY FASE THEN I PASSDDE OUT!!!!!!!@ FUCKKin shti dudde1@!!!!!!! fuckin peeple seed me aND RANDY AINT NEVER ALLOWD BACKk in collseseem agin!!!!!!!12 fuking bulshiTI!!!!!!!11 THEMS COMMINSTSTS WHO TTYRYIN TO KIlll spirrt of mamerkaca with axiss of wecvVIL!!!!!11` NOW RANDDYS PISDE AT ME COS EH CAinnt see monsttre truck show therr next weeek12!!!!!!! when got back traylder home he hiTI ME IN FACCE AND I KNOCCKE OUT AGGIN!!!!!!!!12 WSUSFLKC!!!11112 I WANTTDE SEE MOMNSTre turck to!!!!!!1 yoiu can blamme me for lots stufF BUT NEVR BLAM MAN FOR LOVVIN HIS CUTNRY!~!!!!!1 BUT IT GOTT BE RUnnnin dudse!!!!!!@ im late for werkk1!!!!!1 got go makkKE TACOS FOR FUCKKIN GREESY SPICS NOW!!!!!!112 TALK YALTER!!!!@1`1~~~`
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