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NTO MUSCH BEENED Gagoin on witth thsis dude juts been worrkIN AT MONTON DE TACCSO MAKKIN TACOOS FORr thsems spiccs and sumtimse dudse that TAINT SPICS BUT ISREGLALAR DUDE LIkke larry man!!!!!111` but ttoday fuckcde up shsit hjappsne!!!!!!12@ i was worreKIN ALL NORMALL AN THNN NOTIsse old dudd sittin down eaATIN FUCKCKIN CHIMYCHONGAA!!!!11112` WHOSE THAT FUCKKER I SEE Iitt leennirred coHEN!!!!!!!@` FFUCK SHTITI1!!!!!! I TOLD SPICCKS WORK WITH THEYy toldd me i sholdld kill himMM FOR FAMMILYYS HONER!!!!!!!!1` WOAAA HH RHEAVEY SSHHIT!!!!!!!!!1 BUT I JUSST TSTARED AT HIM AND I COLDDNT TELLl if hee lokde me just ate chimmaydhCcnonga os startde thinkin it aint him but somm dude look likk!!!1 but ween he lefft his nappKIN HAD DONE RITTEN ON IT SAYYIN '';;YUO ARRE SAFE NOWHEER.LARRRY FOoor i am evreyewher!!!!!!--lc"" SHTTI!!!!!!!!12 AND IMM NOT SURR Who but tsommeone took crap in batTTHRWOOM AND SPRAYDE TURRDS ALL OVRE THE FLOOR AN WALL AND SIKN AND IMM SHUR IT WAS HIIMmm!!!!!!!!!! i hadda fuckckIN CLEEN SHIT UP!!!!!!1112 ICKCKAKACOGOGOGOA!!!!!!!@@@ BUTT MEBBBE IMM THINKKin lennard duddse to pussy to fITE ME FASE LIKE REEL MAN SO IMM AINT TOO SCArrd no mroe irtitTE NOW!!!!!!1
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