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o crrap

sumboddy broked in my fuckkKIN TRAYLER LAST NITE !!!!!!!11 TEHY FUCKKin took a dump al ovre compuTRE!!!!1# I DIDNNTT FILL LIke cleenin it so it stINKSs relly bad rite nowW!!!!!!!!!1` THIS FUCCKIN FREEAANKIN ME OWT!!!!!!1 THEY COOLD OF FUKCKin killed me !!!!!!!!! it my misshin now ta finDN OUT HOO IT WAS!!!!!1` MY FRIST SUSCTSPECSTTION IS THhat tard kid livse in traiiller nexXXXT DOOR HE PROLLLY TAKES DUMPS ALL TIME!!!!!!12 ILL FCKKCNI KILL HIM1!!!!!! BUT I Was s also thinkni bout somebdodyt else couldd be buT KANT REMEMEMBBRE!!!!11` IT MITE BEEN SOME DUDde from werk uhhHHh pacO PANCHO PEDRO PICO PACO PABLO FUCKKkn caNT REMMEbre names all spiiCS LOOK SAME NAUYWAYA@@!!!!!!! I WISH ID REMEMMBRE WHO ELSE COLllda done it but cant remmmbreE NO DUSE NOW!!!!!!!1 RANDYSS PISSDE OFF TOO!!!!1` WE DGONNA GO huuntin forf the extreemem inNTRUDDRE TONITE!!!!!11 WELL KILL MOTREHFUCKSR!!!!!!1~
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