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THhaht shitt at enddD OF BIBBLE FUCkkni happeninn~!!!!!!!!!!

i jjuSUST LOOKDE OUT WINDOW AND SAW CRAYZZIST SHIT!!!!!!! I NOEW YALL DUDSE AInnt gonna belelivve me so i did a picSHURE OF IT SO YOOoudd have no dowt!!!!!!!11`

no yourre not misstKEKN ITS ALL TURUEE~!!!! FUCKkin leennerd coHHEN BEEING CARRYDE BY AMEREIKKAS EAGLDE IN THE fuckckin sky rite ovfre MY TRAYLER!!!!!!!!!@ I NEVER WOLD HAVE SUSPpsected my one truee lovve ammERKCA WOULD TURN AGINsts me but there theY IS TTEEEMIN UP WITH MY EENEMY THAT DDUDE!!!!!!!!12` MY HOLE WOrrlds fuckkni turdn upsiIIDDE DOWn!!!!!!!12 the onNLY THINGG I GOT LEFFt to do i s go sasssastTINATE THE PESSIDENTT!!!!1` LOOKSSKs like h-aamna dude is THE LONE RANnGER AGGIN!!!!!!!11111111``````` LIKKEe fuckkin lorenzzo lammMAS!!!!!@`
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