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AMMERKIKASsl ast askishin hereoeo!!!!!1`2

soo assSYALL KNOWW I HADDA GOoto fuckkni wasshinton to kill fuckkni pressiddent!!!!1111111` dhaoly moly!!!!!!!! so cuppplelE WEEKS AGGO I HOOPPDE DAMN RAILS ANNd livvde likee a hobob kING ALL THE WAY CROSS DAMN CUNTRY1~!@1!! HOBO BITCCHSE ARE GREET COSE YORE ON TRANE WITH thhem they ll fuckkK ANYBODDY!!!!!!!!! I MUSTAT FUCKkde tweentity hobo bitcSHES!!!!!1 IT WAS BEST TRAYNE RIDDE EVerree!!!!!!11112 i finnilly got thereE AND GOT TOO DAMMn wite howse!!!!!1` firsst timm i tryde to get in tfuckkIN GARDS BEET ME UP AND THREEW M IN!!!!1I DONTE KNOW WHY!! just ran up there scrREEMIKN WHERES PRESDIDENT LET ME AT FUCKKNI PRESDIDENT!!!!!!1111` AAEGAGAGAGAGGAAGA!!111111 AND THATSS ALL I SEED DIDNnt say nuthin bout killin the ddUDE!!11` BUT THE NEXST TIMM I HAdd a plan!!1111 i told ddudese io was presidENTS COKE DEELER!!!11111 THEY DIDNT BELIEFEVE ME ATT FIRst but i showwde em sum blow and they escoRTED ME UP TO FUCKIN RPESIDEDENTS OFFISE1!!!11 FUCKK YEA!!1111

OFF CORSE THE HOLE TIME IM RILLY SADd cose i dont want kill presiddent bush cuss i kNOWED HES BESTR PRESEEDENT WORLDS EVRE HAD!!!!!!1 BUT AFTRE AMEREKISAS EGGALE TEEMED UP WITth lennerd cohen icoldnt have no choyse ouT FUCKKIN SERVIVAL!!!!!!1` SO I GET THERE AND REDDY TO ASSASAINTATE HIM FOR MY DEsstiny!!!!1 i didnt have no weepins with me so i had thinkkO F PLAN HE WAS ALL REDDY FOR COKE SO I THOTTE WEdd snort up some and id have time to kiLL HIM!!!!!1 SO WESS SNORTtin off ech othres dikks and shitt and he wants me help thrrorw shtti around roomm M COS HE LIKES BREAK SHIT SO WES DOIN THAT AND WE GET STO TALKIN!!!!!1`1` IMM BOWT BREAK A VASE OVREE HIS HED AND HE ASKSS WHATTS UP!!1112 SO I TELL BUSSH DUDE HOLE STTOry about lenneard cohnin tryin kill me and how i saw himn flyin round with amerEKOAS EGGAL AND KNEW THEY WAS TEEMIN UP AGGINTS ME SO AMERECAS NOW MY ENEEMMEY EVenen tho it hurt and i lovee amemrecas more than nayy otreRHRE COUNTRY COSE WERE LIKE SOUL CHILDDreen of the blood!!!!!!!!` he satted down adn becamem alLL SERRRIUS!!!!1112 STARTTDE TALKKNI BOUT THE TRAGGEDY!!!111 HOW IT WAASSNT HIMM THAT WAS AGGginst me!1111 amemrecass eaggil and the sPSIRIT OF AMMERICCA HAD TURRND AGGINST ITS OWWN COUNTRYR ADn guvvermINT1!!!!111 HOLLY FUCCKNI TURRD ROCKKIT!!!!11 HE SSEED I Was best patryot heed evrre seen!!!!!!!! he madded me honorrarry secretiT SERVIS AGGENT AND GAVEE ME OWNnn cool bage!!!!!11 imm likk fuckKIN ELVISS!!!!!!!1` HELL YEEA!!!!!111243

MY ONNLY THINGGg do now is kill amamerecas aegle!!!111` it mitte be haARD BUT MUST B DONE!!!1112 THENN THE PRESSIDDENT CALLD UP HISs dotters and let me fuckK EM IN ASS WHILE HE PORRKkde some hookre!s!!!!12 hel lyeeYA!!!!!1111 THEN WES ALL SNORTIN COKE OUT OF PUSSYSS!!!!!!! HAHHAHhaahahah!!!!12 but i had get home so he flweE ME BACK ON THE FUCKKIN AIR FORSE!!!!!@` BUT NOW I HALFF NO DOWT THAT BUSSH IS Beset presisdent!!!111 anyoONE FUCK SWITH HIM I RIP OUTT EEYES AND d shit down your fase!!!!!!12 cose now imm seecreit govreNMENT AGINT ON MISSION ASSSASSINATE AMEREKAS EGGLE1!!!! KILL FUCKKin spirit of amereicas!!!!!1112 imm redDDY GONA BLOW THEM OFF!!!1111 YEYEAYHAA!!!1 IMM WAARRRYOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 KKABBOBOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!112@!
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