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bbig ddaY GO BOOM BOM!!!!!@ AWAGAGG!!!!3

WE STARRTID OFF THE DAMMn forth off juleey errly aaND WAS ALL GOONNA BLOW STUFF UP!!!!!@ FUCKkin greet!!!@!3 i thote itd dbee supper FUCKIN AWESIM IF WE STUCKC A FIREDCRACKERRRE IN A TURD AND BLEWED IT UPp!!!!!!~~~` so i took a duUJMP RITE THERE BY BARBEECUE GRRirll and we stuck the dammn thinNG IN IT THEN RAANDY SEED ITD HURT IF THE TURRRd blewed up in my hannD!!!!!!2 DIDNTT THINKK ABBOWT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!2` UH OHHH1H2@@222 SO I THROWED IT NOW ARRE DAmmned naybors kidd is blind!!!!!!~2 holly fuckk crap!!!!!12## i wos abble to rrUN AWWAY B UT RANDDYS IN JAIL~!!!11 THELL NEEVRE CATsh me tho!!!!!111 i hoep rannDDYS OKY!!!12 WELL EVRERY OF MY FRIeneds hope fhave grate fuckkIN AMEREKAS DAY!!!!@ HOPEFULLY TONITE NITE I SPOT THE Eagggle and can trap it!!!!!112 tonittte one nigtte cantt HHIDE!!!!!12 BOBMOBMABMBAO MBMAA HAHAHAHAH I GOT A TURDD SITTinr rite here watttin for it!!!!!!12
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