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HAPPAPieye nenw yeeer !!!!!!!!!!!@1 totonite i wASOSO AT THE BESTTT P[ARTTY IT WAS AT THISS BLAckck duddse howsee themm darrKEIS NO HOW TO PARRTTTY !!!!!2 LIKK JAMESE BROWNW1!!!!! HES BROWN LIKE THEMm mbrowns skissn!!!!!!!!@ waoaoai thiink i sawwed him at tpARRY1@@!!! HOLYY COW!!!!!!!! THIS ONNn blackck chickk BUT SHSE HAD A PINKNK DAMMN PUYSSSY AND I FUkc kkde her!!!!!!!!2 wowoawhahahah yeah scrorDE FOR M#!!!!!!!!!!! SHE WAS SNORTTIN THE WHITE SHITTto off my whitee wweeeeeerEEENR!!!!!!!!!@44 SNOOOOOOGgoghaga!!!!!!2

bbutt beeFORE I WAS HAVvin seexx hwtitth this hoTT NIBGRRE BITCH I WAS THE LIFFE OFF THE PARTty i had gogddaMmn lampshade on heeED AND WAS DANCCIN AROUUND I Cold see all therse bitcchse wanntin fucxkcIN ON MY PENISS OCCKC!!!!!!!@ I AMMAm sexx god d!2 hot stuff marereshandise1@##!!!!! but it was sa hot chollliWOOD PARTY COSE OF JAMESE BROWN AND I Ttihink othere black guyss like maartTIN LUTHRE KINGG JONIYER HE WAS THERE TOO I MM m pretty sure xozuz he was lblack too~!! but alsso more peeoepl there was like LEENRROD COEEN H MYyy goddamn arsh mememeenry1@!1111 my evvil dddue fuckckni flyin wiTH AMEREIKKAS EGGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!A SSAND SO O'

O21@! THE TRIEED TO KIILLll ME SO I Kkklide him but i didnt cuzzz he moovvde fast but i bloew off his fassSE WITH COCCAINE SPERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!` SPPPDpRPROAODADAFra then he ran awaayY FLYING ON AMAERIKAS EEAGLE OVER THE moon1!1 but yeaAHHHH BABBBY NEW YEARS SUSCKCKED MY DICK AND I MM readDY TO ROACKCk and roll|!\11!!! neneEW YEARRR NEW FFOGOGAHAAT YEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!@1! MEERRRY NEWWE YEEAR!!!!!!!!!2`
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