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Hairy Cocaine Larry
14 June
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I'm just a coked up partytime rock and roller from way back when. You remember me as the fuckin' rocking bass player from Foghat. FUCKIN' FOGHAT WENT WEAK ON ME LIKE FUCKIN' CUBAN COCAINE! THEY CAN'T KEEP UP WITH THE H-MAN SO THEY DUMP HIM!
ac/dc, aerosmith, agnostic front, anal sex, baditude, big black, bitches, black fuckin' sabbath, blastin' sperm, blow, blow jobs, blowin' my o-ring, boners, boom boom boom, boston, call of the wild, cars, charles bukowski, classic rock, cocaine, cocaine up my peehole, coffee, coke, coked up party girls, crank, danielle steele, danzig, david lee roth, deep purple, destruction, diarrhea, disco, don henley, drugs, duane allman, dwarfing, elvis, eric clapton, eyes on the prize, fangoria, farting, fast bikes, faster women, fights, fist pumpin' music, fleetwood mac, freakin' out, fuckin' devils 'n shit, fuckin' skulls dude, gene simmons, girls, golf, graphic novels, guitar solos, guns, hairy catfish, hard rock, harder cock, headbangin, heart, hooker sex, hot pants, iron butterfly, iron maiden, jack daniels, jack london, janis joplin's cooter, jer bear, jerry garcia, jesus fuckin' christ, jim morrisons ghost, jimi hendrix, judas priest, keepin' it real, king diamond, knives, krazy glue, led zeppelin, like an eagle baby!, love, ludwig wittgenstein, lynyrd skynyrd, mas tequila, masterpiece theatre, matlock, mcguyver, megadeth, mellons, meth cake, miranda sex garden, mirrors, moustaches, mr. fuckin' roboto, mullets, my fuckin' schmelby, my nutsack, nascar, night ranger, nirvana, nosebleeds, ozzy, panama, philosophy, pissed off, pissin' on bitches, playing for keeps, poetry, poker, pokin' and strokin, prostitution, pure prarie league, pussy, pvc pipe, rage: man, rap, rasslin, reach for the sky, reo speedwagon, rim jobs, rock n roll, rocky, rollerblading, saabs, sammy hagar, schlong hamburger, sex, show me the money, sports, stevie nicks, stevie ray vaughn, styx, t-top camaros, ted nugent, tenacious d, the good shit, the rolling stones, the three stooges, three dog night, tiajuana, titties, van hagar, van halen, vinnie vincent invasion, wang-dang sweet poontang, wango tango, werewolf dude, wet panties, whores, william s. burroughs, zz top

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