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IJ JUST FOWND OUTT THAt t leennerddd cohhNEESE A FUCKKIN JEW!!!!!!11111111` ANJDD AL;;L THEMm jews sis like the samme peeple fucKCKIN BLOOD BRTOHERS!!!12 SO THATT MUST MEEN IMM BLOOD Brtohres wit hall of emm!!!!!!1 so that musst meen all th fuckKIN JEWS WANNA KILL THE LARRRY DUDE TOO!!!!!!!!12 FUCKKNI TURDS!!!!!1112 THATT MEEENS ONNnly thing i gotr lefft ta do is kiLL ALL THEM HOOKNOSE MONeney whorsee before theyY GET TO ME!!!!!!2 I HADD PRETTY GOODod ideea i thot;; makee speeshil prissins for all themm MJEWWS AND WE CAN PUT EMM ALL IN THE PRISONSS AND LIKE PUT EM IN OVVins and shit!!!!12` make exxpererimement on em like shoccKIN THEIR BALLS!!!!!12` I BETT IF I Was a garrd there i coldd maKEK ALL THE JEWW BITCHSSE SUCK MY Diick1!!!!!!!! hahahahaahahHAHAH!!!!!!112 THATTS FUCKCKIN GRETT BEsst iddea i evrre had!!!!!!!12` imm gonnNA RITE A LETTER TO PRESSIDDENT BUSHS ABOTUT THIS!!1111`
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