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SHISHT!!T!@ !!!CopPS!!!!! CHIKS!!!

SHIT!!T!T !T ! II :"SS HAVEV A THiS CoUSIN WaYNE WhoOS DEEAF!!!! LIkE a FuCkinn LEPperD! I ThINK HE'S RETARDeed Too! ANND I SO HEARd ThAT HE HAd ASoME GoODY dgood GOOD BlOW!1q1!!1 AND I'M AlWAAYs GOInG Fo R SOmE oF ThE WiTE CHRiStMAS!!!!!!!!!!! WAGAGGA AGG AGA GA GGOOO GOGOGOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AINT BEEN ABle To FIND aNy BlOW LAtly YessTEREDAY RAnDAy gAVE mE sOmE coKE BUt IT WAS FLowEr!!!!!!!! AND IT gaVE mE DIARrEA!! ALAL OFER ThE FLORR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And THE TerdS Were WItE!!! SO I TRIyED to sNoRT them!!! Boy, It StunG!!! WAyNE CasLLE D ME ON THe PHOne But IT wASnT Him tTAlkIng IOt Was ThiS CHICK SAyING WhAT hE WAS SAYing By TIPING!!!! AND SHE wAS TALKINg ABOT CokCE aND I WAS GETtIn A BonEWR HEAering thE CDHiCk TAALKIGN ABDOuT BLoW!!!! AND I TOLD HRE ABOUT TEH bONeER!!!! I TOLdD HER TO MEAt Me AtA ThE SonIC ANd The PHOn Ee hANGEd U\Up BeaCaSUE SHE waS alL ExcITEd ABOuT My BONEER!!! IWAs OUT OF ConDeMS BEacAUSE I USEd Them on RASnady's AnT THEo OThER DAy SO I GoT SOmE ZiplOCk BAgS AND A RUbBER BAnd aNd Got In RANday's STasHEn WAGeN TO TGO To ThE sOnIC!!!! I AWAs SO EXSITED THTA I WAS SpeedidnNG AnD I GHoT PuLlEd OVWER bY thE COPpS!!!! ANd THe Cop WAs A HoT CHIk!!! ANd ShE Was All ASKING me WHy I waS SpeDinG So FASt And I Was TelLLiuNG Her ABoUT mY bONEer ANd SOnicQ!!! ANd She Was SAyING i ColD Go TO JALe!!!! ANds SHe WAs ASKibng WHaT ID WOulD DO So I WOulDN"T HAvE to ZGo TO JAlE!!! ____________________ I SAiD WAS SaYINg AnYthENG!!!!!!!! ANd IT toLdl HER ABOuTY my BONER AGaen!!! AND SHe SADE OK And Un ZipEd HER PAnTS!! I WaSA SCARed ABEcUASe ShE hAD A BONER tOOO! CXAN CHiKS HAVe BONErS!>??? ANd S SHe Was SayIN HoW bIOuT A lollepOP? HOW BouT A lollEePOP!!??

LoLlIPOSPOP!!!!!!! SHITTT!! LollIPOpP!!! ! %#$^# GoO gA GA gA g G BlLLLLLGGGGGG!!!

ThATS;s TYHE lASt THInG I REMember!!! I jUSt WOKE uP!!! AND I STilll have AboneER!!!!!!!!!!

ThATs IU REMeber!!! CIA!!!!!!
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